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Hello, Welcome to Cali Fresh Realty. My name is Thomas Charles Bass, I sell homes in Riverside, San Bernardino, Orange, and Los Angeles Counties. I am the Broker and President for this real estate organization. 
I do your groundwork, recon, regarding pre-approvals, home inspectors, insurance agents, and etc. I have been a licensed broker for over 22 years, so you can count on my recon/work ethic, and expertise...!
Definition of Recon or RECONNAISSANCE. : a preliminary survey to gain information; especially : an exploratory military survey of enemy territory. I used this terminology because I am a honorably discharged Navy veteran who was nominated to the United States Naval Academy by Congress.
You will be working directly with me, your own personal real estate BROKER!

Below are just some basic differences between working with a real estate broker versus an agent:

Broker (me):

  • Our Broker works personally with you to customize a strategic plan that likely ends with you owning a home
  • Broker is a small company that is nimble, sensitive, and able to directly respond to your needs more quickly
  • Brokers know the details about Grants, Bad Credit Loans, Low/0 Down, VA, and FHA loans
  • Our Broker teaches a  FREE credit repair course to help improve your credit score
  • Broker specializes in helping buyer's with a 550 or higher credit score
  • Brokers possess a higher level of real estate knowledge that help you navigate this tough R.E. market
  • Broker passed tougher state examination than agents
  • Masters of Science in Real Estate Management (1 Year Completed - Currently Enrolled)
  • Legally qualified to open and operate a brokerage firm
  • Better understanding of complicated legal issues (1 year of Law School)
  • Responsible for all transaction final approvals


  • Knowledge of the industry and lesser examination
  • Must be employed under the guidance of a licensed real estate broker
  • Less responsibilities and liabilities
  • Needs to go to their broker for final approval

I specialize in helping homebuyer's. If you have further questions and need a professional "broker's" help with your home-buying needs please email Chuck, the broker, at:

Email: Charles@califreshrealty.com




The Sapphire Grant is a new California-Home-Grant designed to cover 3% or 5% of a qualified buyer’s down-payment or closing costs, according to an article at http://www.digitaljournal.com. The difference between the 3 and the 5 percent grant rate is a higher rate for the 5% Sapphire Grant. The nice thing about this grant is that it allow ...

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The United States government Forces Credit Bureaus to inflate Millions of People's FICO Credit Scores To Fuel Lending!   "...Government regulators, have charged that FICO credit  score inaccurately portrays many low-income, minority, and consumers with certain collection accounts as credit  risks and den ...

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  Cali Fresh Realty is a California licensed real estate broker: DRE# 01910443

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If you consider how much money you would be spending over 20, 40, 60, and 80 years, and include the value of our property in the mix, then buying would be the cheaper option in the long run.


 Renting is cheaper at first, but no matter how long you do it, in the end you won’t ever own anything of value.

Learn How to Get Ready to Buy: Contact Charles@califreshrealty.com

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 For Sale - All Areas   - Up to 11,900ft² - XXL Kitchens, View, Pool, Waterfalls! 

Get Ready to Fire-Up Your Outdoor BBQ! 

     3, 4,  5, 6, 7 bedroom homes with gorgeous granite kitchens, pools, spectacular waterfalls & spas, built-in/outdoor BBQ's, den/offices; and bonus-rooms! 

Enjoy your own outdoor . . . stylish entertainment . . . create your movie theater nights memories with your family and friends . . .along with a hot bowl of buttered popcorn on a warm California summer evening!

Rent as low as $1,950.00/month & security deposit $1,950.00. . .
 Own for as low as $1,750/month & $0 down!
No Landlords...No Rent Deposits
Cats are OK - Purr...
Dogs are OK - Wooof 
Because it will ALL be Yours...:)
Call Broker, (Chuck) T. Charles Bass, for Details:


“You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated.  IN FACT! it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can RISE from, how you can STILL come out of it.” ― Maya Angelou 


If you’re a buyer, you can easily search for your new home below! Our MLS selection of homes covers most of California! 

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